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FNC, a full range of fire prevention equipment

FNC was established as Fabbrica Nazionale Cilindri in 1927 as a manufacturer of made to measure mechanical components. For more than 50 years FNC has been manufacturing fire prevention fittings for storage tanks and tank venting accessories.

The range of Flame Arrester and Low Pressure Weight Loaded relief valve is completed by Emergency Vents and Blanketing System.

FNC obtained ISO 9000 certification since 1994 and has always paid great attention to quality and to innovation offered by the market in order to enable more rational and efficient production.

Since 2003 ATEX certified according directive 94/9/EC.
Flame arresters are tested to ISO16852 and certified to ATEX 94/9/EC by indipendent third party Institutes.


FNC is a leading, innovative, international supplier of a wide range of venting and fire prevention fittings for low pressure storage tank. We offer our products and services based on our broad and deep knowledge of market developments, product properties, applications product and processing. This enables us to contribute positively to our customers’ and manufacturers’ business operations.


FNC took various types of action and initiated and completed various projects in the year under review in line with the plans outlined under ‘Key objectives for tank protection division’.
In order to achieve the group’s objectives, and taking into account the conclusions that can be drawn from external and internal analyses, we have categorised our strategy spearheads as follows:

Wide range of products

FNC possess a broad and deep range of products and services and are able to serve defined sectors. Their professional, top-flight product management adapts the range to meet the market’s demands.

Engineering and processing

The sales and application engineers in FNC are actively involved in helping customers develop new products. FNC possesses in-house facilities for adapting all of its products to the wishes of customers.

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